Linksys Extender Setup RE6400

Linksys Extender Setup RE6400
May 10, 2021 No Comments Blog linksys

Linksys RE6400 Extender Setup (AC1200) is perfect device to settle down the internet coverage issues. RE6400 extender helps in proving internet to different dead zones at home. It covers the area of 7500 square feet and provides latest features like WPS, advance security and optimum internet speed and coverage.

Linksys extender connects to the existing router and extends its signals to the various parts of the premises. Extender setup is simple and swift. To setup an extender WPS and web-based two options are available. If your router supports WPS then WPS method is preferred as it quick as compare to the web-based method.

To setup press WPS button on router and then on the Linksys extender setup , ensure both the devices are near to each other. On pressing WPS light on extender will start blinking and on successful setup, it’ll light in solid green color. After setup extender can be unplugged and placed on its desired location, at desired location if extender light is green then its good location else move extender near to the router.

If router doesn’t support WPS then use web-based setup method. For this connect the extender to the computer wirelessly or wired and open an IP on a browser. It’ll prompt to the extender setup page, follow on screen instructions to complete the setup. Once setup extender will show sold green light.

After setup extender wifi reflects as routername_Ext, so this will help you to indentify the extender wifi. If extender is setup using WPS method then password is same as of your router to connect to it and if it was through web-based then it gives choice to set a password.

Features of Linksys Extender Setup RE6400:

• Eliminate Dead Zones and Boost Wi-Fi in Your Home and Offices: Now say goodbye to dead zones, Linksys extender provides wide range of coverage and seamless connectivity.

• Works with All Wi-Fi Routers: Linksys extenders are universal and work with the routers. So, no need to check the compatibility or getting into other technical queries. Just grab extender and setup with your existing router.

• Fast Ethernet Port: It gives feature to connect devices using Ethernet cable as well. Extenders have an Ethernet port that allow Ethernet connections, juts plug the Ethernet cable and use internet, no further settings or installation is required.

• Beamforming Wifi Technology: Linksys extenders come with unique and advance beamforming technology that enables simultaneous multiple connections with high bandwidth. It has capability to handle multiple devices and still provides smooth operations.

• Quick, Easy Setup: Hassel-free and instant setup, extenders offer user-friendly and simple setup processes. Setup hardly takes 1 minute and gives long-lasting service.

• Dual Band for uninterrupted connections: RE6400 is a dual-band extender featured with 2 wifi frequencies. It supports both2.4Ghz and 5Ghz frequencies that make it compatible with all sort of devices. It can be used for a high-end gaming experience also.

Though RE6400 fulfills most of the needs of your house is big and needs more powerful solutions to try VELOP a complete package. It’s a package of a router and 2 extenders. These 3 devices make fill every corner with the internet.

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