Linksys Extender Setup

Got your new extender and figuring out the setup procedure, don’t worry it’s easy and handy. Before we start the setup guidelines, how someone wants to setup the extender should be decided. If extender.linksys.setup page is not working you can visit the Linksys Extender Setup Page (LinksysExtender.Link). There are 2 ways to setup the extender depends on distance between the router and extender or the way user wants to use it. 2 ways are:

  1. Range Extender Setup
  2. Access Point Setup

The main difference between them is access point a wired setup that means there is a permanent Ethernet cable connection between the router and extender wherein range extender setup there is no such cable, this setup happens over wifi network.

Range Extender Setup (WPS Setup)

To setup the Linksys extender as a range extender first turn on the extender and wait till it boots up completely. To setup the extender quickly and without hassle we recommend the WPS method. It’s easy like butter. To do so, place the extender near the router and look for the WPS button on both devices. Press the WPS button on router and within 30 seconds on extender and that’s it. Extender will be setup with the router and now extender can be moved to the desired location.

Plug in the extender at desired location and it will automatically connect with the router no further steps will be needed. Once you see the solid green light on the extender you can any connect any wifi device. Look for the extender wifi in the wifi list connect to it using the same password of your router wifi.

If your router is dual-band and so your extender it, follow the WPS process twice to extend both the bands.

The router is missing on WPS button?

What if the router doesn’t have a WPS button on it? Don’t worry we still can setup it with the WPS procedure. For this login into the router page and look for the WPS button. This WPS button can be found in wireless section of the router and sometimes it is labeled as push-button also.

Press this WPS button from the router page and the WPS button on the extender. On successful configuration router page will show the success and extender will led will light in solid green color.

Manual Linksys Extender Setup (Web-Based Setup)

If WPS method is not working we have other option to setup it using the web browser. For this, a wifi-enabled device is required. This is the way to get it done:

  1. First, turn on the extender and wait till it boots up.
  2. Connect any wifi device to ‘Linksys Extender Setup’.
  3. Open the browser and enter the web address
  4. An extender setup page will appear. Follow the on-screen steps to complete the setup.
  5. Select the wifi network to extend and validate it with its password.
  6. Select the name of the extender wifi network and the password for it.
  7. Set the extender login password to secure the extender setting.
  8. On successful completion extender network name will appear as the router name and adds _ext at the end.

Web-Based Setup using IP

Web-based setup can also happen with Ethernet cable. If the above mentioned process is not working or no wifi device is available then this way can setup the extender. To begin first connect the extender with the computer and turn on the extender. Once it’s on open a browser in computer and hit the IP address in the URL bar, it’ll show the same setup page and everything will be same. Follow all the steps mentioned above and after setup remove the Ethernet cable and plug-in the extender at the desired location.

Now connect the ant device to the extender. Once it’s setup devices can be connected to the extender wired and wirelessly.

An Access Point Setup

To setup extender as an access point we need to maintain a permanent Ethernet connection between router and extender. If the connection is made between them next is to connect to the extender network.

  1. Establish a wireless connection between the extender and any wifi device.
  2. Now open the website
  3. Select the option to setup the extender as an access point.
  4. Choose the extender network name and password to connect to it.
  5. Complete the setup and any wifi device can be connected to it.

Linksys Extender lights and functioning

Linksys extenders have one led light to understand the status of the extender, it lights in 2 colors amber and green.

  • Booting up: Blinking Green
  • WPS Setup in progress: Blinking Green
  • Factory Reset: Blinking Green
  • Firmware Upgrade: Blinking Green
  • Setup and Ready to use: Solid Green
  • Not setup: Blinking Amber
  • Any issue or error: Blinking Amber
  • Not receiving router signals: Solid Amber